• Go Green with Guyenne Wallpapers 10/11/2017
    Guyenn PVC FREE Wallpaper
  • Grafityp now take orders till 5.30pm 02/11/2017
  • NEW Siser C-Print Hi-5 06/07/2017
    Prevent scorching with Siser's NEW C-Print Hi-5 
  • Roland UV LEF-12i Offer 03/07/2017

    LEF-12i Price Promotion

    Save £2,000 off RRP
  • GrafiPrint P-Series Polymeric Digital Printing Vinyl 27/06/2017
    Grafityp's latest innovation is a new polymeric P-Series digital printing vinyl, this film has been developed for high performance and low cost. This means you can produce vibrant and reliable print quality without the expensive outlay of most polymeric printing vinyls.
  • Pitstop Wrapping with GrafiWrap AE38C 12/06/2017
    Grafityp staff members performed a real stunt with the new Grafiprint AE38C Cast Comfort print film. During a pitstop of WRT, the most successful team in GT racing, the car did not only get extra fuel and tyres. In just 55 seconds the Audi R8LMS also got a large part of the bonnet rewrapped.
  • GrafiPrint Stardust Laminate 07/06/2017
  • Croftgate High Performance Wrap Care Products 17/05/2017
    Grafityp UK Ltd are now a reseller for Croftgate offering their excellent range of Wrap Care Products which are recomended by the PGITA. These after-care products are designed to clean, enhance and protect the vinyl material, keeping it looking newer for longer.
  • How to cut and heat apply PS Adhesive 13/04/2017
    If you look for the sunshine through the clouds you’ll likely find the bright side! If you apply PS Adhesive to your project, you may find it too! The cloudy appearance of PS Adhesive turns clear when applied and becomes bright like the sun when you add a screen printing foil on top. Here’s how you can make shining shirts with PS Adhesive:
  • Oki Printers 12/04/2017
    Grafityp UK Ltd are now an official OKI partner and offer the OKI A4 PRO7411WT and A3 PRO9420WT white toner printers for heat transfers and many more applications.
  • Printable vinyl for low surface energy substrates 22/03/2017
    S822 Printable self-adhesive vinyl for use on low surface energy substrates
  • NEW CAMM-1 Pro GR Series Vinyl Cutters 08/03/2017
    Roland are pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible to cut. The CAMM-1 GR series takes cutting productivity, precision and strength to the next level. Use as a stand-alone cutter or pair with your existing printer - it’s entirely your choice. But be sure, you can power up your business with the GR cutter series.
  • GrafiPrint AE38C Digital Print Wrapping Film 01/03/2017

    Grafityp are very pleased to introduce a NEW, REVOLUTIONARY cast print film : GRAFIPRINT AE38C.

  • Printable Garment Films 16/02/2017
    Grafityp UK Ltd supply and excellent range of printable garment films for various applications.
  • NEW AE38C GrafiWrap 14/02/2017
    AE38C is a new 50 micron cast comfort air escape print vinyl with excellent slideability.
  • GrafiGuard Paint Protection Films 09/02/2017
    Grafityp’s GrafiGuard extremely strong paint protection films offer additional and unnoticable protection against stone chips and scratches when applied to the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle by forming an invisible shield.
  • Monomeric M Series and Roland Inks 07/02/2017


  • IMPORTANT Roland IC chip upgrade details 02/02/2017

    IMPORTANT Roland IC chip upgrade details

    We have been informed by Roland that from January 2017, all new Roland ink stock has been manufactured with an upgraded ink cartridge chip. This requires the latest firmware to be installed on your printer to ensure that you have no interruption to your printing schedule.

  • PS Hi-5 garment vinyl with only 5 second application 02/02/2017
    PS Hi-5 garment vinyls are designed for low temperature and short pressing time (5 secs.) to reduce heat press marks on the garment
  • Automotive and Decoration Films 31/01/2017

    Automotive & Decorative Brushed Metal & Leather Vinyls

  • Laser Engraving Colibri PVC Free Vinyls 30/01/2017
    Laser cut our Grafityp Colibri (ecological) Sign Making Films. 
  • Grafityp NEW Product Logos 13/01/2017
    At the start of the new year, we at Grafityp have taken the opportunity to change some of our product logos.

    The Grafitack, Graficast and Grafiprint logos are traditionally made on the basis of the iconic painter's pallet and have been much appreciated over the years by our distributors as well as by our end users, who associated the pallet with the Grafityp product ranges.