GrafiGuard Paint Protection (TPU)

Grafityp’s crystal clear extremely strong paint protection thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films offer additional protection and are distinctively clearer with a high gloss finish. These are wear and impact resistant, conformable and as a result it is no problem to use these for full wraps. TPU films are applied on soaking wet car surfaces.

Note: GrafiWrap Paint Protection films (TPU) come with an additional protective layer, which should be removed after the
application to guarantee perfect transparency.
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60-GG10 Polyurethane paint protection film 100 micron
Item No. 40050430
Transparent 1525mm GG10
60-GG15 Polyurethane paint protection film 150 micron
Item No. 40050429
Transparent 1525mm GG15
60-GG20 Polyurethane paint protection film 200 micron
Item No. 40050436
Transparent 1525mm GG15