Omega-Skinz Gloss

New State-of-the-Art Wrap Films

Key Features:
- 100-140 microns (dependent on colour)
- Repositionable adhesive with invisible air channels (Air Escape)
- Gloss, matt, metallic, pearl and satin
- Up to 6 years of outdoor durability
- Conformable film suitable for indents, corrugated surfaces and rivets

Omega Skinz is a high-quality cast PVC wrap series along with a high-quality product suitable for various uses including long term indoor uses and short to mid-term outdoor applications. 

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60-OS-729 Bladescape Black 1525mm
Item No. 20230004
1525mm OS-729
60-OS-700 Virginity White 1525mm
Item No. 20230003
1525mm OS-700
60-OS-749 Grigio Olive 1525mm
Item No. 20230073
1525mm OS-749
60-OS-782 Driven Orange 1525mm
Item No. 20230018
1525mm OS-782
60-OS-781 Vortex Orange 1525mm
Item No. 20230017
1525mm OS-781
60-OS-770 Maranello 1525mm
Item No. 20230015
1525mm OS-770
60-OS-727 Obsidian Grey 1525mm
Item No. 20230014
1525mm OS-727
60-OS-718 Nardo Grey Gloss 1525mm
Item No. 20230013
1525mm OS-718
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