Cast Deco Vehicle Wrap and Decoration Vinyls

For Wrapping Vehicles, Interior Decoration and other suitable objects

Grafiwrap Cast Deco series are structured multi-layered films ideal for vehicle wrapping and perfect for home interiors and furnishings.
Vehicle wrappingFurniture WrappingInterior Decoration
Part WrapsIndoor UseOutdoor Use

  • 130 - 200 Micron film
  • Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Siliconized PE-coated paper of 145 g/m²,
  • No animal products used in any of our materials
  • Decorative finish available in a choice of finishes
  • Up to 5 year outdoor durability

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54-D0259 Cast Wrap Deco Bali Army Green 1370mm
Item No. 20080439
Bali Green 1370mm D0259
54-D0355 Cast Wrap Deco Galactica Silver 1370mm
Item No. 20080431
Galactica Silver 1370mm D0355
£0.00 Info not available
60-D0601 Cast Wrap Deco Silk Road White 1525mm
Item No. 20220009
White 1525mm Gloss D0601
54-D0602 Cast Wrap Deco Silk Road Black 1370mm
Item No. 20080514
Silk Road Black 1370mm D0602
54-D0655 Cast Wrap Deco Silk Road Silver 1370mm
Item No. 20080459
Silk Road Silver 1370mm D0655
54-D0302 Cast Wrap Deco Galactica Black 1370mm
Item No. 20080440
Galactica Black 1370mm D0302
13-D0202 Cast Wrap Bali Army Black 1370mm
Item No. 20080437
Bali Black 1370mm D0202
15-D0402 Cast Deco Antartica Black 1525mm
Item No. 20080551
Antartica Black 1525mm D0402
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