How did Omega-Skinz begin?

Omega-Skinz is a Joint venture between SOTT and Grafityp Self-Adhesive Products.

The foundation of this venture started with SOTT International B.V, located in the Netherlands. SOTT is known for its expertise, practical knowledge, innovativeness, marketing skills and creativity. Since 2008 they have been offering special effect films but does not have a manufacturing facility, but has its products made at renowned factories such as Grafityp.
In 2020 SOTT approached Grafityp with a very special and ambitious plan. A plan for the future that would turn the entire wrapping industry upside down. Everything had to be different. Out of the box thinking towards distributors, wrappers and customers would have to be elementary. SOTT developed all the plans and put them on the table, and they were received with enthusiasm.

The result is that two unique companies, each with their skills, have entered into a joint venture to make the perfect product. Grafityp is responsible for production and quality, while SOTT Colourbrain (the creative department) is responsible for the development, marketing, trends and colours. Both have their distribution channels but they support each other with sales and service.

What makes Omega-Skinz different from all other brands?

Omega-Skinz is not just a roll of wrapping film in a nice colour. Omega-Skinz is a concept, a style and an image. Everything is right down to the smallest details. Quality can be seen from the appearance.

How is Omega-Skinz made?

Omega-Skinz wrapping film is constructed in a different way than many conventional films. Omega-Skinz consists of different layers that absorb the film tensions during stretching and deformation. The top layer is a transparent PVC film, which gives the bottom layer extra colour depth. Omega-Skinz wrapping film is cast as a 2-pass or 3-pass system, whereby the different layers eventually form one homogeneous layer.

The result is a strong, stable film during the application, which becomes very soft and supple when heated with a heat gun or infrared lamp. Both properties are ideal for large surfaces and complex shapes such as bumpers, spoilers and door handles.