GrafiGuard Paint Protection Self Healing Films

GrafiGuard Self Healing paint protection films are available in high gloss, matt and black high gloss finishes.  These are premium thermoplastic polyurethane films with self-healing properties developed especially for protecting the paint of a vehicle against stone chips and scratches.

Excellent for full and part wraps

Protection against stone chips and scratches

- Thickness: 150 Microns
- Extremely flexible
- Expected life span up to 10 years
- Application: Painted Vehicle





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60-GGSHG15 Grafiguard SelfHealing Gloss PPF 150µ 1525mm x 1m
Item No. 20220571
Transparent 1525mm GGSHG15
60-GGSHM15 Grafiguard SelfHealing Matt PPF 150µ 1525mm x 1m
Item No. 20220572
Transparent 1525mm GGSHM15
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