Grafityp Translucent Vinyl for Back Lit Applications

Our Translucent 80-micron high-quality premium polymeric cand cut self-adhesive vinyl is manufactured at our production plant in Europe to the very highest standards. The perfect solution for applications such as lightboxes and backlit signage. Just think of illuminated advertising or transparent (structure) walls because they require a specific film and adhesive.

Grafityp translucent (TL) series comes in 34 colours and has a long life-span of up to 7 years. The high UV resistance of this product guarantees that the illuminated advertisement will look great for years to come.

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- Perfect for Illuminated LightBox and Window Signs
- For bright eye-catching backlight signage
- Solvent-based permanent acrylic adhesive
- High UV resistance up to 7 years outdoors
- Gold and Silver available in 3-year outdoor life
- Suitable for screen printing
- Call for large quantity discount rate
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