Chalk Board & White Board Vinyl

Total Eraze Whiteboard Film

150 Micron, Polymeric Whiteboard Vinyl, ideal for creating unique Signage and advertisements.
Total Eraze White Board Vinyl can be applied to any smooth, flat surface and is suited to whiteboard markers.

Total Blackboard Film

130 Micron, Polymeric, Removable Blackboard Vinyl, ideal for advertising displays such as menu boards.
Suited to both standard and liquid chalk markers and is easily wiped clean with a dry or damp cloth without leaving any ghosting.

Chalk Talk Film

Textured Slate Grey chalkboard film with a removable adhesive, excellent for a wide range of creative and promotional applications. Chalk Talk can be applied to any flat smooth surface or directly to painted drywall, kitchen cabinets or refrigerators and is suited to both standard and liquid chalk markers.

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6-TB1 Total Blackboard 610mm
Item No. 20200179
Black 610mm 51.200N
6-CT1 Chalk Talk Slate Grey Blackboard Vinyl 610mm
Item No. 20200177
Slate Grey 610mm Chalk Talk
6-TE1 Total Erase White Board Vinyl 610mm
Item No. 20200178
White 610mm 50.100N
54-TB1 Total Blackboard 1370mm
Item No. 20200174
Black 1370mm 51.200N
60-TB1 Total Blackboard 1525mm
Item No. 20200175
Black 1525mm 51.200N
1350-TE1 Total Erase White Board Vinyl 1350mm
Item No. 20200134
White 1350mm 50.100N
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