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The most talked-about brand of wrapping film. 

What is Omega-Skinz?

Omega-Skinz is a very soft flexible self-adhesive cast film that is 3D deformable with heat. Omega-Skinz deforms very easily in both concave and over convex surfaces, such as bulges, corners, kinks and indents of vehicles.

Multi-Cast system

Omega-Skinz is produced according to the reusable casting principle. In this case, the film is placed back in the machine after casting, in order to obtain a second casting layer.

Easily deformable with heat

Ideal on boats and superyachts, because the film is more stable. When the film is heated to 40-50 degrees Celsius, it is as soft as butter.

More colour depth

In this way, we achieve extra colour depth and appearance. In addition, the film is less susceptible to overstretching when mounting onto large surfaces.

Improved features

Omega-Skinz does not shrink, it has a long life and is designed for outdoor applications on smooth substrates, such as automotive and 2K paints, gel coatings, glass, etc.
Gloss Colours

Special Effect Colours

Digital Print Films

Justin Pate from The Wrap Institute on how to use Omega-Skinz


Justin Pate talks about the Omega-Skinz Brand