GT Flex Heat Transfer Vinyl

GT Flex is the perfect solution for quality and price when it comes to garment decoration, offering exceptional value with a premium feel to it. Suitable for everyday use on a wide array of garments.
GT Flex Heat Transfer Vinyl
Compatible Fabrics 100% Cotton100% Poly/Cotton
All Poly/cotton blends

- PU film
- Matt finish
- Adhesive polyester backing
- Easy application
- Hot Peel

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500-GTF19 GT-Flex Light Green 500mm
Item No. 30100502
Light Green 500mm 1FCLPU3--VEH
500-GTF16 GT-Flex Grey 500mm
Item No. 30100409
Grey 500mm 1FCLPU3--GR
500-GTF15 GT-Flex Lemon 500mm
Item No. 30100408
Lemon 500mm 1FCLPU3--GL
500-GTF14 GT-Flex Challenge Red 500mm
Item No. 30100407
Challenge Red 500mm 1FCLPU3--CHR
500-GTF12 GT-Flex Fuchsia Pink 500mm
Item No. 30100405
Fuchsia Pink 500mm 1FCLPU3--FU
500-GTF11 GT-Flex Orange 500mm
Item No. 30100404
Orange 500mm 1FCLPU3--AR
500-GTF10 GT-Flex Vivid Blue 500mm
Item No. 30100403
Vivid Blue 500mm 1FCLPU3--VB
500-GTF07 GT-Flex Red 500mm
Item No. 30100400
Red 500mm 1FCLPU3--RO
500-GTF06 GT-Flex Navy Blue 500mm
Item No. 30100399
Navy Blue 500mm 1FCLPU3--BN
500-GTF05 GT-Flex Royal Blue 500mm
Item No. 30100398
Royal Blue 500mm 1FCLPU3--BR
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