PS Perforated Heat Transfer Vinyl (Special Offer)

Thin material with circular perforations

Siser PS Perforated Heat Transfer Vinyl is a very thin PU film on a polyester backing. The film has perforated holes to allow breathability, while also offering  a decorative finish. PS perforated is the perfect film for multi-layered designs and is ideal for creating unique sports numbers and logos on garments.

Grafityp also supply a range of transfer cutting plotters, heat transfer presses and desktop digital printers which are perfectly suited to the heat transfer industry.

Compatible Fabrics: 100% polyester, 100% cotton, All poly/cotton blends 
Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl PS (EasyWeed)
- PVC Free T-shirt transfer vinyl
- Unique decorating effect that also allows transpiration
- Adhesive Polyester backing for easy weeding
- Easy application
- Warm or Cold Peel





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500-GF53 Perforated White 500mm
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