Sandblast Stencil Self-adhesive vinyl

Grafityp Sandblast Stencil vinyl is perfect for the production of sandblasting stencils into surfaces such as wood, glass, acrylic and stone etc. Simply design your logo, image or text, vinyl cut your stencil, (weed out) remove excess material, apply an application tape (carrier tape) and apply to your desired surface.

Perfect for producing sandblast stencils

- Thickness: 230-375 Microns
- Application: On to Stone, Wood, Glass etc

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6-SBT Grafitack Sandblast Thin 610mm x 5m
Item No. 20900010
Silver 610mm SBT
12-SBT Grafitack Sandblast Thin 1220mm x 5m Roll
Item No. 20900139
Grey 1220mm SBT
12-SBT Grafitack Sandblast Thin 1220mm x 25m Roll
Item No. 20900138
Grey 1220mm SBT
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