Cast Leather Vehicle Wrap and Decoration Vinyls

For Wrapping Vehicles, Interior Decoration and other suitable objects

Leather vinyls are perfect for wrapping cars, boats, aeroplanes and other objects such as interior decoration and shop fittings. 
Vehicle wrappingFurniture WrappingInterior Decoration
Part WrapsIndoor UseOutdoor Use

  • 180 - 220 Micron film
  • Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Siliconized PE-coated paper of 145 g/m²,
  • No animal products used in any of our materials
  • Leather effect films in a choice of finishes
  • Up to 5 year outdoor durability

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54-L0152 Cast Wrap Leather Look Amazone Brown 1370mm
Item No. 20080510
Amazone Brown 1370mm L0102
54-L0252 Cast Wrap Leather Look Savanna Brown 1370mm
Item No. 20080458
Savanna Brown 1370mm L0252
54-L0154 Cast Wrap Leather Look Amazone Burgundy 1370mm
Item No. 20080444
Amazone Burgundy 1370mm L0154
54-L0352 Cast Wrap Leather Look Tundra Brown 1370mm
Item No. 20080457
Tundra Brown 1370mm L0352
54-L0102 Cast Wrap Leather Look Amazone Black 1370mm
Item No. 20080428
Amazone Black 1370mm L0102
60-L03x02 Cast Wrap Leather Look Air Escape Tundra Black 1525mm
Item No. 20080549
Tundra Black 1525mm L03x02
60-L02x54 Cast Wrap Air Escape Leather Look Savanna Burgundy 1525mm
Item No. 20080432
Savanna Burgundy 1525mm L02x54
60-L02x02 Cast Wrap Leather Look Savanna Black 1525mm
Item No. 20220591
Savanna Black 1525mm L02x02
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