PS Stretch - EasyWeed Stretch Textile Vinyl

ECO Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl 

Introducing EcoStretch, the revolutionary water-based, eco-friendly HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) that seamlessly blends exceptional workability with unparalleled stretchability. Its remarkable characteristics set it apart as the ideal choice for your heat-sensitive elastic fabrics like lycra and spandex, thanks to its remarkably low application temperature of only 120°C and a mere 5 seconds pressing time.

With EcoStretch, you'll discover a newfound love for decorating both everyday and performance wear. Its lightweight nature and incredibly soft feel make it the ultimate material for all your apparel embellishment needs. Embrace EcoStretch, and experience a whole new level of creativity and sustainability in your designs.

Suitable for applications on to polyester, cotton, poly/cotton blends and elastan. 
Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl PS (EasyWeed)
The product is REACH compliant
The product is certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I
The product is certified VeganOK




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500-GFES02 EcoStretch™ Black 500mm
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Black 500mm ES0019
500-GFES01 EcoStretch™ White 500mm
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White 500mm ES0001
500-GFES09 EcoStretch™ Gold 500mm
Item No. 30100982
Gold 500mm
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