LaserPro Laser Cutters, Engravers and Marking Machines

Laser Cutters, Engravers, and Marking Machines

Enhance your business with GCC LaserPro Laser Engravers, Cutters, and Marking Machines. Our lasers are renowned worldwide for their High Quality, Reliability, and User Safety.

Professional Lasers for Education and Industry

GCC Laser machines offer a range of CO2, Fiber, and Galvo laser machines with various power options to suit your budget and manufacturing requirements. Whether you're in the education sector or an industry professional, our lasers cater to your needs.

Versatile Applications

Our GCC engravers and cutters are perfect for laser engraving, marking, or cutting on a wide selection of materials, sizes, and shapes. From metal and wood to paper, acrylic, leather, stone, plastics, and more, GCC LaserPro machines can handle it all.

Benefits of Using a Laser in Education

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Why Choose GCC LaserPro?

  • Finance Options: We offer flexible financing options to help you acquire the laser solution you need.
  • On-Site Delivery & Installation: Grafityp ensures a hassle-free setup process with on-site delivery and installation services.
  • 24 Months Machine Warranty: Our machines come with a 24-month warranty, giving you peace of mind.
  • Up to 24 Months Tube Warranty: Enjoy extended tube warranties on select models.
Invest in GCC LaserPro and experience the difference in quality, precision, and performance.
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Glass tubes vs metal tubes
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Understanding Co2 laser machines
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What can I engrave
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Hybrid Tube Lasers

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Fiber Tube Lasers

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What Can You Create with a Laser Engraver/Cutter?

GCC CO2 laser engraving machines offer a wide range of possibilities. CO2 laser engravers can quickly and easily customise a wide range of objects and applications like wooden objects and products, engraved glasses or ceramic cups, etch on stone or plastic, mark-coated metal plates, and so much more! or click here to view our guide.

GCC's advanced engineers have designed high-quality laser engravers with advanced features like pass-through front and rear doors, SmartLID, SmartACT, SmartLight, advanced touchscreen and DC Servo technology. These laser engravers allow anyone, from beginners to seasoned users, to create ideas and products in minutes. In addition, GCC lasers come in a range of  CO2 and Fiber  options.

Different types of Laser Sources

GCC laser engravers and Laser Cutters come in several sizes, powers and technologies: from a compact laser machine (E200 or C180), workhorse (Mercury or Spirit) to an industrial laser engraver (FMC-280). 

The laser source can also have different technologies like CO2, Fiber and even a combination of CO2+Fiber in the same laser machine. Choosing the suitable laser for you depends on the material to be engraved or cut. If you are unfamiliar with these, contact us to speak to one of our laser Experts, who can advise you.