Siser PS - EasyWeed T-Shirt Vinyl

Siser Heat Transfer T-Shirt Vinyl for Garment Decoration

Siser PS EasyWeed is a premium quality T-shirt vinyl. It is excellent for single and multi-layer applications with its easy-to-cut/weed, hot-peel and very soft, thin finish making Siser PS EasyWeed your number one cad cut garment vinyl. PS EasyWeed has excellent colour fastness and washing resistance and is one of the favourite products currently available on the market.

Siser PS EasyWeed is 90 Microns / 3.5 Mils and a PU composition
Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl PS (EasyWeed)
Compatible Fabrics 100% Cotton100% Poly/Cotton
All Poly/cotton blends

- PVC Free T-shirt transfer vinyl
- Matt reflection-free surface
- Self-adhesive backing for easy weeding
- Easy application
- Hot Peel

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500-GFPS47 PS (EasyWeed) Medium Blue 500mm
Item No. 30100095
Medium Blue 500mm A0085
500-GFPS42 PS (EasyWeed) Tan 500mm
Item No. 30100053
Tan 500mm A0073
500-PSM07 PS Easyweed Matt Red 500mm
Item No. 30100328
Red 500mm Matt
500-PSM01 PS Easyweed Matt White 500mm
Item No. 30100324
White 500mm Matt
500-GFPS59 PS EasyWeed® Cappuccino 500mm
Item No. 30100976
Cappuccino 500mm A0128
500-GFPS58 PS EasyWeed® Sage 500mm
Item No. 30100975
Sage 500mm A0127
500-GFPS56 PS (EasyWeed) Mustard 500mm
Item No. 30100935
Mustard 500mm A0114
500-PSM33 PS Easyweed Matt Bright Red 500mm
Item No. 30100371
Bright Red 500mm Matt 1FPSPUMT-RV
500-PSM11 PS Easyweed Matt Orange 500mm
Item No. 30100369
Orange 500mm Matt 1FPSPUMT+AR
500-PSM03 PS Easyweed Matt Yellow 500mm
Item No. 30100368
Yellow 500mm Matt 1FPSPUMT+GI
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