Grafityp has drawn up a sustainability policy based on the United Nations goals (continued further down)

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Not only results are important to Grafityp, but also the way in which we achieve them. That is why we drew up a sustainability policy in which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are the starting point and compass. A policy based on three pillars: People, Planet and Profit.

With this policy, we set ourselves ambitious targets for 2030. Targets that we periodically evaluate and improve where necessary.

Our people are the beating heart of our company. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. But not only our people are important, we also have a warm heart for our neighbours, suppliers and customers.

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Diversity & equal opportunities

Everyone gets equal opportunities here. Men and women jointly determine the course of our company in crucial positions. Also, we employ employees with different backgrounds, religions and nationalities.

WWe only work with distributors who apply the same standards and values.

Healthy employees

The wellbeing of our employees is a top priority. We want to prevent every work accident using risk analysis and preventive measures. We aim to improve our infrastructure, working methods in function with our staff. We have made improvements by adding new skylights in our production halls, safer lifting and hoisting equipment, an AED device, training related to wellbeing, a bicycle lease formula…

We organise a medical check-up every year and help long-term patients with a reintegration process.

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Attractive employer

Our average seniority is over 17 years, with 40% of employees working for Grafityp for 20 years plus. We are committed to this with a competitive salary, fringe benefits and a pleasant working environment. Witness to this is the biennial meetings with (former) employees and dealers, events that can always count on a large attendance

Sustainable partner

We invest as much as possible in contact with our customers, listen to their needs and try to provide them with optimal support. We do this with sustainable products, training, adapted technical data sheets and soon an app to present our products


Sustainable entrepreneurship is ensuring that your activities take place within the legal, ecological and socially responsible preconditions. We not only want to comply with all legal provisions but also to excel in those areas that make a difference for us or our stakeholders.

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By 2030 we want to reduce our primary energy consumption by 40% and only use green energy. We also want to reduce our CO2 emissions by 40%. We do this through our 1,236 new solar panels, the installation of skylights and LED lighting, and the reduction of energy consumption in our production.


Grafityp Head Office has installed high-quality and efficient charging stations for electric cars, not only for our employees but also for visitors. We are also systematically replacing the electric lifting and hoisting equipment with better and more energy-efficient ones.

We encourage our staff to come to work by bicycle as much as possible through a bicycle lease programme. From 2020 we will also only purchase electric commercial vehicles.

Green Energy
Supply Chain

Material Management

We apply the Lansink ladder as much as possible to our waste: prevention, reuse, recycling, energy, incineration, landfill. We continuously monitor our raw material consumption and carry out online quality checks to make adjustments where necessary. We have an extensive, separate waste collection, which means that all waste flows are given a useful application.


WWe sustainably deal with water management and do not discharge industrial wastewater. We recover and reuse rainwater at several places in our factory.

Supply Chain

All our packaging material is fully recyclable. We now only use classic brown cardboard packaging that is FSC certified. We are currently still testing to replace the plastic flanges on our rolls with a recycled version.

To reduce the ecological footprint of our transport, we ship simultaneously as much as possible and look for more sustainable transport options.


With our many years of experience and our R&D lab, we continue to search for the latest, best and most durable products for our customers. Together with our customers and suppliers, we systematically improve our products and the way to apply our products as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

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Grafityp Ecological Film

Grafityp is a pioneer in the development, production and sales of PVC-free products. Our ‘Grafityp Ecological Film’ (‘GEF’) for colours, laminates and digital print media offer a sustainable alternative to the more common PVC films.

Our GEF products do not contain any plasticizers or solvents, are 100% chlorine-free and have a fire class 1 fire resistance.

Discover our PVC FREE Films

Anti-microbial products (coming soon)

We developed films with anti-microbial applications. These films can be applied on different surfaces such as door handles, furniture, office desks … and slow down the spread of bacteria.

PVC Free Films
Signange films

Signage for safety, environment and economy

Our products are applied in numerous locations and under different circumstances to inform, sensitize or warn people. They thus contribute to increased safety, durability and profitability.

Air escape

It must be possible to apply our products safely, efficiently and qualitatively. We provide training in this area and regularly communicate with customers. We offer the right tools and developed the air escape technology: our products can be applied without air bubbles via invisible air channels in the adhesive layer.