Sawgrass TruePix Sublimation Papers

For optimal results in dye sublimation printing, it's crucial to use top-tier transfer paper. Sawgrass recommends True Pix dye sublimation paper for use with their SubliJet inks and Virtuoso printers. Backed by rigorous testing, this pairing ensures vibrant, high-quality images on various surfaces.

True Pix is a 110 gsm, high-resolution paper designed on rigid and flexible materials for exceptional colour accuracy. Its smooth finish produces sharp, high-definition images with seamless gradients, true-to-life skin tones, and precise details—even in small text. Engineered to maintain ink integrity on the surface, True Pix prevents over-saturation and paper "cockling," ensuring consistent results without becoming overly wet. Choose True Pix for vivid, crisp prints every time.
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TruePix Paper A4 Sheet 100 Pack
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TruePix Paper A3 Sheet 100 Pack
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