Croftgate High Performance Wrap Care Products

17 May 2017
Grafityp UK Ltd are now a reseller for Croftgate offering their excellent range of Wrap Care Products which are recomended by the PGITA. These after-care products are designed to clean, enhance and protect the vinyl material, keeping it looking newer for longer.
Image titleWrap Care has many different benefits for protecting you vehicle wrap.

Gloss and Colour Enhancer

Leaves a coating that adhere and magnify the gloss and colour of yuor wrap. The coating also acts as a barrier against most contaminants.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

The ultimate in pure cleaning power, specially designed to remove adhesives left behind from a previous vinyl wrap.

Matt and Gloss Cleaner

Cleans and protects all vinyl wrap surfaces and is easy to use and fast acting.

Matt and Gloss Sealant

Water based product to seal and protect your wrap using the latest in polymer protection technology

Surface Prep

Pre-Wrap surface treatment for professional installers ensures a clean surface,  lifts and removes dust, road grime, oils, grease and more. Treats and prepares all hard surfaces and almost acts like a surface primer allowing a better spread and strong bond of vinyl adhesion to surface.