Pitstop Wrapping with GrafiWrap AE38C

12 June 2017
Grafityp staff members performed a real stunt with the new Grafiprint AE38C Cast Comfort print film. During a pitstop of WRT, the most successful team in GT racing, the car did not only get extra fuel and tyres. In just 55 seconds the Audi R8LMS also got a large part of the bonnet rewrapped.
How was this done? Press play and find out !

Records are broken with Grafiprint AE38C print film thanks to its specific characteristics :

Features and Benefits

> Flexible cast print film in combination with Grafiprint LAMX30 (cast laminate)
> Eliminate wrinkles and bubbles for quick and easy installation over complex curves and deep recesses.
> Excellent slideability
> Easy fast repositioning thanks to the low initial tack
> Vibrantprinted graphics and colours
> Clean removal

A digital print film that can be applied comfortably by the wrapper.


> White gloss vinyl
> 50 Microns
> Grey solvent-based acrylic air escape adhesive
> Up to 10 years life span