GCC LaserPro LFC Laser Marking Machine

Laser Engraver Spirit GLS

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Power Options: 12W-60W
- Finance options available
- On-Site delivery & installation
- 24 Months machine warranty
- up to 33 Months tube warranty

LFC Workstation integrates various processing modes and exclusive accessories to meet customers’ need. 700x400mm working table is able to place large objects and setup fixtures effortlessly. LFC Workstation is considered a class 1 (EN60825-1) device to ensure user safe and sound is the best industrial solution. 

Laser Type: Co2 
Scan Area: 70 x 70mm, 140 x 140mm, 200 x 200mm, 300 x 300mm 
Laser Power:  12, 30, and 60 Watt 
Tube Type: METAL

Laser Type: Fibre 
Scan Area: 70 x 70mm, 110 x 100mm, 180 x 180mm  
Laser Power:  20 and 40 Watt 
Tube Type: METAL
Increased working depth
Standard Table
Standard table with matrix M6 circular slots for fixture mounting, working objects setup is more than easy.
SmartLID Easy Access
Dual Start Button 
Advanced secure protection by simultaneously pushing the Dual Start buttons to fire the laser.
Touch Screen
Emergency Stop 
A big red button located on the right of the machine allows operators to stop the laser and AC power immediately to provide high safety operation.
Airflow design
Automatic Safety Door 
Automatically controlled front door open and close to secure safe operation.
Dust Protection
Pass-Through Door
The left and right pass-through doors can be further removed to place long objects or allow external setup conveyor to feed in materials for laser marking on the fly.
* When the right door and left door are open, the machine becomes a Class 4 equipment and users must wear goggles to operate the machine.
Pass through doors
Key Switch  
Key Switch manages different authority levels between Service Mode and Operator Mode to restrict unauthorized access to the production setups.

Laser Marking Machine LFC Video


Scan Lens
Co2: 70 x 70mm, 140 x 140mm, 200 x 200mm, 300 x 300mm
Fiber: 70 x 70mm, 110 x 100mm, 180 x 180mm

Front Door
Automatic door

Max. Loading 

Z-axis Travel


Safety Class
Class 1 (EN60825-1)

G-Mark Basic / G-Mark Library

Operating System 
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista(32/64 bit) / 7(32/64 bit) / 8(32/64 bit) (Desktop or Laptop PCs)


USB x 1, VGA x 1

Power Supply 
AC Auto-Switching 115 / 230V, 50-60Hz / Single Phase

Power Consumption

Operating Temprature
15°C ~35°C

Operating Humidity
10 ~ 80% Non condensing

1585(L) x 852(W) x 1745(H) mm
1854(L) x 1192(W) x 2050(H) mm (with package)

260 kg

450 kg

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