GCC Jaguar V Vinyl Cutters

GCC Jaguar V vinyl Cutters


- DC servo motor technology
- Up to 600 grams of cutting force
- Up to 60IPS (1530mm/sec) cutting speed
- Up to 0.8 mm(0.03 in.) media thickness
- Guaranteed 10 meter tracking
- User friendly, multi-language control panel
- Media basket (optional)
- Automatic-Aligning System for automatic contour cutting(AAS II)
- 2 Year on-site warranty

GCC Jaguar V Vinyl Cutting sample 1
GCC Jaguar V Vinyl Cutting sample 2
GCC Jaguar V Vinyl Cutting sample 3

Jaguar V & V LX Multi-purpose Sign Vinyl cutters with (AASII) Automatic-Aligning System

The Jaguar series of multi-purpose sign cutting plotters have excellent build quality and extensive range of features which makes the Jaguar range of cutting plotters the perfect choice for any professional, ideal for any sign making business.
The Jaguar V comes in three widths, 610mm *, 1016mm and 1320mmwide and the Jaguar V LX is available in 610mm*, 1016mm, 1320mm and 1830mm

* = Stand optional

Perfect for cutting self adhesive vinyl letters and graphics for the sign trade. AASII (automatic contour cutting ideal for cut after print applications) is included as standard. Jaguar V LX models also include Segmental Positioning and Auto Rotation functions

Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System (LX Models)

Automatic-Aligning System (AASII) is a standard feature on the Jaguar series. It enables precise contour cutting of printed graphics by detecting registration marks.

The significant functions include :

  • 1st-mark auto-detection
  • 4-point positioning
  • Segmental Positioning
  • Multiple copy

Section Cutting (LX Models)

Section cutting divides the long plot data into sectional output jobs to gain higher cutting quality and increase precision. Jaguar V LX will scan the registration mark of section 1 and cut the plot data in section 1, and then it will scan the registration mark of section 2 and cut the plot data in section 2, and so on.

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Auto Rotation (LX Models)

New registration marks defined to detect material feeding direction. Jaguar V LX detects the unique registration marks to distinguish material feeding direction and rotate cutting content automatically. You don’t need to rotate the material by yourself.

Efficient Throughput

At up to 60 inches per second of cutting speed, Jaguar IV's cutting rate simply outperforms the competition.
Jag V tracking

Guaranteed 10 metre tracking

The exclusive grid drum and precisely engineered mechanism to provide superb tracking ability.
Jag V vinyl cutting force

600 Grams of Cutting Force

Selectable cutting forces, ranging from 0 to 600g, accommodate a wide variety of materials, including fine and thin masking films to thick and hard reflective films.
Jag V tangential mode

Innovative Tangential Mode

The tangential mode emulation mode is able to perform clean cuttings,diminutive letterings and intricate graphics which yield smooth corners and sleek edges on thick materials.
Jag V Control Panel

User-Friendly Control Panel

The easy-to-use and multi-language control panel can remarkably simplify complex tasks. Available in 9 languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, it provides various functional settings to meet users' needs.
Jag V Media Handling system

Media Handling System

The media handling system is fully adjustable. It handles media on standard cores and resolves media drifting and alignment problems to ensure better tracking.
Jag V Cut off tool

Handy Grooved Cut Off Tool

This handy and innovative design allows you to cut off a finished job in a straight line easily reducing the possibility of wasting usable material.
Jag V Pinch Roller

Selective Pinch Roller Positioning

Each pinch roller can be positioned and operated individually, widening the Jaguar cutting plotter's range of applications.

GCC Jaguar V Technical Specification              

Max. Cutting width
JV-61/61LX - 610mm
JV-101/101LX - 1016mm
JV-132/132LX - 1320mm
JV-183LX - 1830mm

Max. Media width
JV-61/61LX - 770mm
JV-101/101LX - 1270mm
JV-132/132LX - 1594mm

JV-183LX - 1990mm
Number of Pinch Rollers
JV-61/61LX - 3
JV-101/101LX - 4
JV-132/132LX - 4
JV-183LX - 6

Max. Cutting Force

Max. Cutting Speed
1530 mm /sec (60 ips) (at 45° direction)

DC Servo Control
Distance Accuracy
USB 2.0 (Full Speed) and Serial (RS-232), and Ethernet

Tangential Mode

Power Consumption
110W max.

 Dimension (H x W x D) mm

JV-61/61LX - 412 x 950 x 486
JV-101/101LX -1096 x 1450 x 651 
JV-132/132LX -1111 x 1774 x 651 
JV-183LX - 1127 x 2170 x 756