Siser PS Extra - EasyWeed Extra Series for application to Nylon Blue

Excellent for applying to nylon, leather and treated fabrics

Designed for application onto nylon or polyamide silicon-treated textiles (eg. K-way, windbreakers, sports jacket, umbrellas, etc.) and also leather.

- Can be multi-layered for more complex designs
- Hot or cold Peel

Grafityp also supply a range of transfer vinyl cutters, heat transfer presses and desktop digital printers which are perfectly suited to the heat transfer industry.

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500-GFNPS05 PS Extra (EasyWeed Extra) Royal Blue 500mm
Item No. 30000330
Royal Blue 500mm N0013
500-GFNPS06 PS Extra (EasyWeed Extra) Navy Blue 500mm
Item No. 30000331
Navy Blue 500mm N0014
500-GFNPS10 PS Extra (EasyWeed Extra) Sky Blue 500mm
Item No. 30000928
Sky Blue 500mm N0011
500-GFNPS30 PS Extra (EasyWeed Extra) Light Blue 500mm
Item No. 30100034
Light Blue 500mm N0051
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