OKI PRO8432WT A3 white toner laser printer

Oki Pro7411WT
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OKI PRO8432WT A3 white toner laser printer for heat transfer

Printing in vivid, sharp and bright white is as easy as any other colour with the high-performance A3 Pro8432WT white toner printer. The combination of High Definition digital LED technology and cutting-edge OKI white toner technology removes one of the last barriers to creativity and design for print houses, manufacturers graphic arts firms and other businesses.

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Innovative technology - CMYW, A first for digital printing

The OKI Pro8432WT is part of OKI’s White Toner (WT) portfolio - the first digital printer range that offers users the ability to print using white toner. Based on tried and tested devices, that are well regarded by graphic based industries for their high-quality output, the innovative Pro8432WT offers the same speeds as OKI’s standard colour digital LED printers and easy to use and operate.

> Ultra-reliable digital LED printing technology and a simple, flat paper path for longer trouble-free printing.
> Microfine High Definition toner and ProQ Multi-level output quality with 1200 x 600dpi print resolution for sharp, crisp results
> Prints at the same speeds as standard colour digital LED printers – 35ppm A4 plain paper, 20ppm, A3 plain paper
> Printer shipped with 2 additional 4,500 page White toner cartridges, to enhance your Return on Investment from day one

White toner technology removes the last barrier in creativity and design

The OKI Pro8432WT removes the design barriers presented by traditional CMYK printing processes. Printing solid white onto a wide variety of media, it can be used in combination with transfer media to create vibrant print on dark backgrounds, dark coloured garments and other hard surfaces.

> Creates vibrant print on dark backgrounds, dark coloured garments and other hard surfaces
> Produces white graphic and lettering transfers on cost-effective transfer media

In-house printing - Ideal for graphics, design and merchandising materials

White toner printing offers designers, graphics studios, point-of-sale manufacturers and a range of other graphics-based businesses new flexibility in printing, proofing and production, making it possible to print a range of demands in-house whenever they are needed. Flexible and built to overcome many of the barriers to creativity, the versatile Pro8432WT lowers the cost of producing creative design proofs.

> Prints on paper sizes from A6 to A3 and weights up to 256gsm
> Standard 400-sheet paper supply
GrafiWrap Carbon Fibre Vinyl

Transfer Papers for OKI

Grafityp offer a range of transfer papers for the OKI Pro9420WT such as Laser Dark No Cut which offers vibrant prints on dark coloured garmnets.

Extend your creativity to beyond CMYK

Being able to achieve vibrant full colour printing plus white is an advantage to any graphics business offering individual and short run display materials, bespoke stationery, concepts, t-shirts or promotional merchandise..

- Print on dark backgrounds
- T-shirt and merchandising transfer printing
- Short-run packaging and concepts
- Window graphics and clear film
- Stationery
- Creative invitations
- and much more!

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