GrafiGuard Paint Protection Films

09 February 2017
Grafityp’s GrafiGuard extremely strong paint protection films offer additional and unnoticable protection against stone chips and scratches when applied to the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle by forming an invisible shield.
Manufactured in Europe by Grafityp Self-adhesive Products to REACH compliant standards.

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Paint Protection (PVC)

SCP01 Gloss 120mic, SCP02 Gloss 240mic,

P110M Matt 110mic, P110G Gloss 110mic

Grafityp’s transparent paint protection calandered (PVC) . These offer excellent protection on flat and slightly curved surfaces. Can be applied dry or wet. Wet application is only recommended on flat or slightly contoured surfaces.
Note: these are less conformable than the TPU films and not suited for a full wrap

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Paint Protection (TPU)

GG10 Gloss 100mic, GG15 Gloss 150mic, GG20 Gloss 200mic

Grafityp’s crystal clear extremely strong paint protection thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films offer additional protection and are distinctively clearer with a high gloss finish. These are wear and impact resistant, conformable and as a result it is no problem to use these for full wraps. TPU films are applied on soaking wet car surfaces.
Note: GrafiWrap Paint Protection films (TPU) come with an additional protective layer, which should be removed after the application to guarantee a perfect transparency.

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One Way Vision Printable Window Film

One Way Vision (OWV)

1.5mm perforations, 160mic

Printable perforated window film designed for use on commercial vehicles, bus shelters, telephone kiosks, petrol stations, forecourt displays, window advertising, public transport and shop windows. Use indoors or outdoors for up to 1 year.
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