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Mutoh 1638UH RRP £

Includes RIP and Take-Up


The VJ-1638UH is Mutoh’s first ever dual head LED UV printer. The VJ 1638UH is the ideal tool to expand your business with a wide range of commercial print applications, offering increased print & cure performance. The 64" printer accommodates 1625 mm (63.97”) roll media up to 30 kg as well as rigid boards up to 1625 mm x 1200 mm up to 15 mm thick and up to 15 kg. 

Produce high quality graphics such as trade show graphics, POP & retail signage, backlit banners, individualised wallpaper & interior decoration, banners, posters, etc. 

- CMYK with optional white and varnish
- Dry and ready to go output
- Low energy consumption
- Mutoh intelligent interwaving

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Technical key specifications

Print technologyDrop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Print Heads2 staggered setup
Nozzle Configuration180 nozzles x 8 lines (each head)
Drop Mass Range (pl)3.8 to 28
Head HeightsMedia thickness is measured electronically and head height is automatically adjusted

Roll Media Specifications

Max Media Width1625mm (63.97")
Min Media Width182mm (7.17")
Max Print Width1615mm (63.58)
Max media thickness15mm
Media measurementsØ 150 mm / 2” & 3” / 30 kg
Media drying system2 long life LED UV curing lamps

Rigid Media Specification

Max Media Width1625mm (63.97")
Min Media Width182mm (7.17")
Max Print Width1615mm (63.58)
Max media length1200mm (47.24")
Max media thickness15mm
Max media weight15kg
Ink dring system2 long life LED UV curing lamp

Performance Specification

4 Colour Setup CMYK6 Colour Setup CMYK
1440 x 1440 Uni2.86 m²/h0.72 m²/h
1440 X 1440 Bi5.68 m²/h1.42 m²/h
720 X 1440 Uni5.72 m²/h2.75 m²/h
720 X 1440 Bi11.35 m²/h5.47 m²/h
720 X 1080 Bi14.23 m²/h6.83 m²/h
720 X 720 Bi22.71 m²/h11.27 m²/h

Ink Specifications

Ink TypeLED UV inks - Rigid & Flexible types
Ink Colours/VolumeCMYK + Varnish: 220ml cassette/800ml pack* White: 220ml cassette/500ml pack*
Ink SetupCMYK (CCMMYYKK) CMYK + White + Varnish (CMYK+2xWh+2xVa)
*: 800 ml / 500 ml pack requires optional adapter

Power Consumption

During Printing<700 Watt
In Standby/sleep<55W / <25 W
Power SupplyAC 100-120 V / AC 200-240 - 60/50 Hz - ≤ 4.0 A / ≤ 2.0 A

Recommended Working Environment

Temperature20 °C - 32 °C with ∆t: max. 2 °C/h
Humidity40 % - 60 % (no condensation) with ∆RH: max. 5 % RH/h

Machine Measurements

Width x Depth x Height2983 x 818 x 1261 mm (roll) 2983 x 2730 x 1261 mm (rigid)
Weight197 kg (printer + stand)

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