Canon Océ Colorado

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Colorado 1640 is a revolution in roll-to-roll printing technology with a new unique UVgel ink technology

Optimise productivity, quality, application versatility and running costs with one innovative roll-to-roll 64-inch printer featuring Canon’s advanced UVgel technology and next-generation automation capabilities. Ideal for all kinds of wide-format signage and graphics.


  • Uses less ink while still delivering an improved colour gamut
  • Consistently fast output speeds and rapid job turnaround
  • Non-toxic, durable and colourfast, delivering instantly dry prints
  • Designed for the broadest range of media, including thin, heat sensitive media
  • Unsurpassed automation including the change and feeding of media
  • Uses 40% less ink than comparable Latex or Solvent printers
  • Market leading scratch resistance across on all media types
  • Crazy fast print speeds – (max up to 159m2/hr - which for images seen from a long distance is perfect)

Unique UVgel technology

Canon’s outstanding UVgel print technology increases productivity and speed while using less ink and still delivering an improved colour gamut.

Breakthrough productivity

Consistently fast output speeds and rapid job turnaround deliver productivity only previously possible using multiple roll-to-roll engines or a larger flatbed print engine.

Outstanding quality

Non-toxic, durable and colourfast, the technologically advanced UVgel ink delivers instantly dry prints with excellent aesthetics, the widest colour gamut and precise sharp dots.

Fast efficient ink jettingImage title

UVgel technology jets ink onto the media to deliver perfectly repeatable images at exceptional high speed. The Colorado prints at 159m²/hr for applications such as billboards or outdoor banners and even at 40m²/hr for the highest level of quality for close-up indoor applications.

Excellent quality

Fantastic print results are assured on almost any media thanks to UVgel technology, which consistently delivers excellent quality with precise sharp dots, strong colour saturation, accurate skin tones and glossy appearance.

Technical Specifications

Printing Method
Canon UVgel piezoelectric inkjet

Printing Modes
159 m2/hr - Max speed
114 m2/hr - High speed
57 m2/hr - Production
40 m2/hr - High quality
20 m2/hr - Specialty
20 m2/hr - Backlits
Print Resolution
600 x 1800 dpi

Ink Cartridge
2 x 1liter

Ink Colour

Roll width
Up to 1625 mm

Roll weight
Up to 50 kg

3022 x 1093 x 1310mm